Kevin Lewin is the Neilsen Foundation’s first Communications Manager.

Kevin comes to the Foundation from the world of journalism. He first wrote professionally for newspapers in the U.K. in his teens and became the Editorial Director at World Entertainment News Network (WENN) in London in 1998. He transferred to the company’s Los Angeles office in 2000, as WENN’s first overseas Director.

During his time at WENN, Kevin trained and mentored hundreds of journalists, stationed around the world, while overseeing and maintaining the company’s high standards and editorial output. He also managed the company’s TV and audio arms, covered red carpet events, like the Oscars, and appeared in front of camera – and on radio – as an entertainment news and culture expert.

In over 30 years of journalism, Kevin has served as a Property Editor, Arts Editor, and Sports Editor, while also writing a popular music column. Additionally, he managed a music venue, reviewed films for the BBC and others, and worked briefly as an editor for a children’s book author.

Kevin enjoys entertaining, music, movies, all sports, gardening, and golfing, and loves the great outdoors – weekends will often find him hiking and camping with his dog, Jake. Kevin is the founding member of a hiking club and a pub quiz team.