Imagine What’s Possible

Together we can create a future that ensures people affected by and living with spinal cord injuries can live full and productive lives.

Collaborative Partnerships

We coordinate and collaborate with partners to push boundaries. Knowing how much more we can achieve as a community, we encourage the sharing of ideas and resources to create and capitalize on new opportunities.

Inclusive Ideas

Leading by example, we seek visionary ideas that break down barriers, expand opportunities, and promote equity to improve life after spinal cord injury for people of all backgrounds.

Creative Approaches

Funding both community programs and scientific research, we encourage transformative ideas supported by a clear vision and approach to achieving improvement in the lives of individuals with spinal cord injuries.

About the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Founded by Craig H. Neilsen, the Foundation is the largest private funder of spinal cord injury research, rehabilitation, clinical training, and programmatic support in the U.S. and Canada. Working with our grantees to make the world a better place for those affected by SCI.

The Craig H. Neilsen Foundation is driving important progress with its ongoing investment in spinal cord medicine. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for all that you do.
Kristin Davitt
University of Pittsburgh

Just a few of the 100s of SCI grants we’ve funded

Clinical Studies

Psychosocial Research


Health Equity


Cell Therapy

Chronic Pain


Independent Living

Mental Health

Translational Research



Assistive Technologies

Physical Therapy


Reproductive Health

Service animals

Volunteer Training

Sensory Function

Medicine Fellowship