Finding Our New Normal

August 17, 2022

As students are getting ready to go back to school and communities continue to evolve strategies to navigate the next COVID variant, our desire to “get back to normal” is stronger than ever. However, rather than going back, let’s reframe our narrative and, instead, find ways to collectively move forward.

At the Neilsen Foundation, our values inform our choices.  They build on Craig’s resiliency and drive for greatness—and are foundational to who we are and aspire to be.  Our new normal allows Creating Opportunity & Independence applicants the ability to request longer grant terms, as well as increased funding levels in both of our research portfolios.  We now proudly provide funds so our grantee partners can include the cost of accommodations for people with a disability in their grants.  In the coming months, you’ll also see increased communication efforts because hearing from and collaborating with our grantee partners, is critical to the Foundation fulfilling its mission.

Over the last 2½ years, the pandemic forced us to change our practices, find creative solutions to new problems, and discover the strength to break through barriers.  These hard-fought lessons have informed who we are today. Now—together—as we work to create a future that ensures people affected by and living with spinal cord injuries can live full and productive lives, I invite you to Imagine What’s Possible.

Be well,

Kym Eisner

Kym Eisner
Executive Director