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Scholarship Program

The Neilsen Scholarship Program (NSP) provides scholarships at selected colleges, universities, and community colleges to create and maintain opportunities for students with spinal cord injury to pursue higher education and lead full lives in and out of the classroom. To reduce socioeconomic barriers to success, these scholarships cover tuition and fees for undergraduate or graduate studies and include supplemental financial support for eligible students.

Institutional applications for NSP are by invitation only. For admitted students and their families, the logo links below connect you to specific NSP partner institutions.

Partner Institutions

Application Process

  • Applications Invited
  • Full Grant Application Submission
  • Awards Announced
  • Student Recruitment

Program Graduates

Learn more about the students who were supported by the Neilsen Scholarship Program. These graduates enjoyed a positive college and university experience without added financial concerns thanks in part to the scholarship and the support of our institutional partners. Link to the page below to learn more…

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